Weekend At Hyatt Regency Coconut Point


20160507_112647.jpgSometimes you just need a little R & R close to home. A few weekends ago the Griffith’s moved into the Hyatt Coconut Point. This idea was 100% my mother-in-laws, and the rest of us kind of crashed her idea.

We checked in on a Friday afternoon and checked out on a Sunday. We had a room on the 11th floor overlooking the Estero Bay. My sister-in-law and her husband were across the hall from us, and my mother-in-law and her other half were on the 9th floor. We all had fantastic views off our balcony’s.

First things first, we had to change into our bathing suites and head to the pool. Mandatory SPF 100 sunscreen was applied to everyone, since we have not been in the sun longer then going from a building to the car and back. Now that the essentials were taken care of operations stay-cation relaxation was in full force.

Aiden and Madison were super surprised to see the pool, now the first two pools you see are more or less adult only areas. Walking past these two the kids were a little confused, however they did not know the fun that laid just beyond the adult only areas. Finally after a little explaining to a toddler, we were there, the big kid pool. I am not sure Aiden even got his shoes off before he was off and running to the slide. Aiden was a goner, there was no getting him back anytime soon. Once he saw the huge slide, water basketball basket, and smaller slide he was off to make friends. Aiden was quick to find a group of kids to play with, and soon the group of boys were just bouncing back and forth between all the cool things Madison on the other had took a few moments. She has to take in everything, in this case she had to see where everyone was sitting, and what everyone was doing. Once she had her barrings on the situation, she was off to the walk-in area of the pool.


Friday night we decided to eat at Coconut Point. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Yes we have eaten there before, and we know its 5 miles up the road from our homes. The kids were super excited because normally we eat inside, and tonight they got to eat outside.  After dinner, we headed back down to the Hyatt to explore a little more. We were able to find the game room, some weddings going on, and the fire pit.

Saturday morning was get a get dressed and head up to First Watch type of morning. The kids, Jonny, Jen, Colton, myself, and the kids headed up for a “kids” only breakfast. Once we got back to the hotel, the kids had one thing on their mind, and that was getting out of their clothes and putting on proper pool attire. However, 8:00 a.m. was a little too early since it was in the 60’s this weekend. We decided to take the kids down to the lawn where they have life size Jenga, Connect Four, Corn-Hole, and Hammocks. Engaging all of these games before the rest of the hotel was awake, was amazing! Once we started seeing people awake, we changed and staked some claim on some pool chairs and began our day of relaxing pool side.

Sunday we took the first shuttle over to Raptor Bay across the street from the Hyatt. When you are a guest at the Hyatt, you are able to enjoy the amenities that Raptor Bay offers. We took this opportunity  to enjoy the lazy river and their pool for the morning. Now you have to make arrangements to get the shuttle and wristband to gain access to the raptor bay amenities. We arranged for the 9:15 shuttle out of the Hyatt to go to Raptor Bay. In my opinion this is the way to do it. Since the shuttles are limited to times, its best to enjoy this in the morning, then head back and enjoy the Hyatt in the afternoon- evening.

While you are at the hotel, you are able to charge everything to your room, as well as pay as you go. Which ever you prefer. They have several restaurants on property as well as a full service spa, private island on the Gulf of Mexico (located across the pass from Dog Beach), space for weddings, or big functions and many other areas. They have scheduled kids events, and even a kids area. The kids area is an additional charge, and limited space, so make sure you make your reservation early if you plan on utilizing this.

The kids all have some many things that they loved, lazy river, swimming, corn-hole, fishing, the slides, the fire pit, life size Jenga, connect four, going on adventures, and ordering room service for breakfast. They still ask when are we going back to the Hyatt. Needless to say, this little gem is just a few miles up the road, and a great idea for some family fun!.

Do you have more questions about this amazing stay-cations, feel free to ask. You can contact me by voice or text at (239) 728-7599, e-mail at AngelaGriffith02@gmail.com, or visit the LifeInBonitaSprings webpage about me.

If you would like to plan your own stay-cation here is the link for Hyatt Regency Coconut Point.




2 thoughts on “Weekend At Hyatt Regency Coconut Point

  1. Great article Angela. Michael and I are Hyatt Residence Club Members. We love the Hyatt properties, especially up at Coconut with the lazy river!


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