Home Inspections



The home buying process has many steps involved.  You start with where you want to live, then you move onto what will fit your wants and needs. After some other things, you will then start looking for two of the most important things, a mortgage broker and a home’s inspector. I feel that the home inspection is one of the most important things. I mean, do you buy anything used without looking it over? I am sure your answer is “no”. We do live in Bonita Springs, Florida and if there is a little moisture something like mold can happen.

A home inspection will show you all the unusual findings in the home. These finding can be from an outlet not working, non-working light bulbs, missing or cracked tiles, mold, roof leaks, missing roof tiles/shingles, a non-working appliance among other things.

During one of the home inspection that I attended I noticed that they were using a yellow devise that the inspectors were using. They would point it at the ceiling, appliances, walls, and everywhere in between. So naturally I asked what it was, it turns out that it was a Thermal Image Gun. The Thermal Image Gun is used for finding many things such as wet drywall, defective appliances, even a live outlet that has been covered by drywall and many more things.

I have seen so many things come up on a home inspection report that you cannot see with your own eyes. I would have to say the item that comes up more often is wet drywall. It either comes up that there is a roof leak, or the condensation from the AC unit is dripping, even pipes leaking, and even a crack in the outside that is leaking in between the walls.

When a home inspector finds these defects, it is the buyers responsibility to communicate with the seller on what items they would like to be addressed, or if they would like to have a specific inspection based on the findings. Depending on the contract chosen, will depend on what items need to be fixed, and others are accepted as-is.  This will also trigger a  negotiation process, as the buyer and seller need to come to an agreement to what item are going to be fixed, or what is going to be as-is. This is normal, and most of the time everyone compromises, and is happy at the end.

Once you have the agreed upon defects remediated it is always wise to have it re-inspected. For example, I recently sold a property that disclosed there was a leak under a window, there was a receipt saying that the work was completed, and everything that they did. When we were in there for the inspection, they home inspectors used their thermal imaging gun, and noticed it was still wet. They then looked for the drywall patch, and looked to see if the baseboard was taken off, etc.. We ended up calling the contractor who fixed it, and they came back out to redo everything again. They home inspectors re-inspected the work, and everything was dry.

Before you hire a home inspection company, do your research on them. I always tell my clients to make sure they have the thermal image gun, a ladder, and tools. I have attended one home inspection where the inspector did not have a ladder, or the right tools. It is very important to do your research as the consumer of this service.

Moral of my blog, is there are too many items that your eyes do not see that could be wrong. Knowing everything you can know about you future home is the best way to buy it… I mean if you were to buy a used car, you would take it to the mechanic to have everything checked out, so why wouldn’t you have your home checked out too?

I hope that this has helped you understand the importance of what a home inspection can do for you. If you found this helpful, you can check out the full blog with may other home buying and selling tips. You can also find out about me  too.


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